Western males make everything possible to get a sweetheart from Slavic countries. Such ladies are known for their beauty. That is why Western males spend thousands of dollars to find a good Russian bride.There are many success stories that happen after dating agencies match profiles of users. There are still cases that are not very successful. One has to know about them.

Unsuccessful Stories

If one wants to succeed in something he/she has to know the stories of failure. There happened many unsuccessful stories when Westerns searched brides online. Here are some of them:

  • An American gentleman sent a request for mail bride order. He paid a considerable amount of money for service. As soon as payment was received by an agency, he was proposed save profiles of females. They all looked good. Several of them attracted him most of all. He thought about these ladies and finally chose the lady he likes most. A dating agency proposed all facilities for online communication.
  • A gentleman was able to chat with a woman for several months. He also had an opportunity to enjoy video chatting. After several months of online dating, he decided to see a lady in real. He made a trip to Russia. A lady appeared to be far less attractive than on the photo. Some agencies use video and photo filters. When a lady communicates with a male, she looks prettier. The man felt really disappointed. He finally decides not to marry a lady. He only lost money and time.
  • A gentleman from Germany decided to build personal happiness. He contacted a marriage agency. He defined requirements he had regarding a lady. It was important for him that a woman had a good education. A dating agency sent him a profile of a beautiful lady. He felt attracted to her. He decided to talk to her so he flew to her country. He met a lady and felt she lacks education.
  • After a real date, he asked an agency to show him a woman’s diploma. They presented a document. He sent this document for an expertise. During the time expertise was running he communicated with a lady from time to time. After several months he received an official letter that stated that the university did not issue such a diploma. An agency simply cheated a gentleman. A man felt frustrated. He found it irrational to marry a lady without education. The contract was canceled. A man was lucky enough not to pay the full sum of services. He lost only several hundred dollars.

These are the sad stories that happen. As in other businesses, failures happen in dating business. It is not a reason not to try. One has to try his/her luck. Without it, there is no chance to succeed.

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