Foreigners make everything possible to find the second half. They often aim to get married to Slavic ladies. These ladies have a fine sense of style. They are also very beautiful. Foreigners can send thousands of dollars to find a sweetheart. The average sum of a marriage agency will charge for its services is around $2000. Very often the cost of a service can grow up to $15,000.

How One Can Be Scammed

Western men find it hard to meet a sweetheart form Slavic country. If they come to Ukraine they will not even be able to communicate with females. They lack knowledge of Russian or Ukrainian. Because of it, Western men start to contact marriage agencies. There are many dating agencies in all parts of Ukraine. Some of them provide very effective services. Professionals make a perfect match of profiles. A gentleman can find a lady who is not only beautiful. She will be his true soulmate.

As the demand for brides grows, there appear many agencies who cheat clients. They simply steal the money of foreigner. They do it in many creative ways. Here are some examples of how they realize it:

  • They do not state clearly how much their service cost. It is a very tricky way of price formation. A foreigner thinks he will get a bride for the budget he has. He actively uses the service of a marriage agency. After a marriage is concluded he gets an invoice with a huge sum. That is why a man has to spend more money than planned.
  • They propose fake profiles of ladies. Each man wants to marry an educated and beautiful lady. There are not that many ladies with such characteristics. Marriage agencies often make fake diplomas for brides who have no education at all. It makes a foreigner very disappointed when he reveals the truth.
  • They retouch photos. The first thing a Western male pays attention to when choosing a bride is a face of a woman. People from marriage agencies understand it. They make a professional retouching of women photos. When a man meets a lady during a real meeting, he can see how different her appearance is.
  • They speculate on budget. Many matchmaking agencies speculate on the budgetary expenses that can happen when a Westen male comes to see a woman. In this case, a company takes care of all organization details. It makes the costs of services far too expensive. A foreigner gets a huge bill at the end.

They cheat from the very beginning. It can happen a man is asked to pay a registration fee. In some cases, it can be as high as several hundred dollars. A marriage agency takes this money and shows fake profiles of females to a gentleman. After it cuts communication with a person. It also does not return money back.

These are the main examples of how foreigners can be cheated by scammers at dating agencies. It is good to memorize these examples.

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