Western men often decide to conclude marriages with Russian beauties. These ladies gladly marry foreigners. Such marriages are sometimes very successful. Russian ladies become good wives. They are beautiful and intelligent. Foreigners still have some doubts when marrying a lady from Russia.

Reasons that Stop Men from Marrying Russian Women

Some gentlemen start to have doubts when marrying a Russian beauty. These ladies are pretty. Western gentlemen enjoy communication with them. There are some stop factors that prevent males from marriage with Russian women:

  • Females have financial interest in marriage with a foreigner. It is one of the main reasons that stops gentlemen from marriage with Russian beauties. Russia is a very poor country. Western gentlemen know it. They understand females there dream to marry a successful and rich male. It scares gentleman. They are afraid that a woman will leave after a year of marriage.
  • Women want to divorce as quickly as possible. When a marriage is concluded a female becomes a co-owner of all property. After several years of marriage, a woman employs a divorce lawyer. She can take a half of property with her. This scares Western gentlemen.
  • Males are afraid that ladies will start to build a career abroad. In Russia, there are not that many opportunities to develop a career. When a Russian lady comes abroad she starts to build a career. It steals her time from family. She starts to pay less attention to husband and children. It makes a family weak from day to day.
  • Males have fear Eastern females do not have fine manners. It is a very important argument. People in the Western world are very polite. If a gentleman marries a lady who does not know how to behave correctly, he will feel ashamed. No one would like to have such a feeling.
  • They are afraid that cultural differences will be hard to overcome. Russian and European cultures are very different. The mentality of people differs a lot too. If a Western man marries an Eastern lady, there is a possibility they will find it hard to co-exist. This can happen if someone from the couple does not have cultural tolerance at all.
  • A female will want her parents to live with her husband. Family values are very strong in Russia. Western gentlemen fear that a lady will take parents abroad. He will need to pay their everyday expenses. That is why males prefer not to marry Russian ladies at all.

These are key factors that prevent foreigners to marry Eastern beauties. It is good to know that risk is still worth taking.

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