Foreigners make everything possible to form personal happiness. They are ready to pay lots of money to get married successfully. They often seek to marry Russian ladies. There is a market for Russian brides. Getting the bride from this country can be really expensive. The prices range from 2000 – 15,000 dollars.

VIP Brides

There are many marriage agencies that function in Russia. Agencies in Moscow will always charge more, than those in smaller cities. It is good to remember it. In the majority of cases, a foreigner will have to pay around 13,000 dollars for a VIP bride. Here are characteristics of such ladies:

  • They have a unique beauty. Slavic women are very pretty. These are females who have a rare type of beauty. They have big eyes, perfect skin, and tiny wrists. Perfect appearance is one of the key characteristics of a VIP bride.
  • They are educated. Today men want to marry not only beautiful but also educated females. They seek ladies with strong knowledge. VIP brides very often have academic diplomas. If they enter a new company, they can communicate on various topics. It is a very important quality of Russian women.
  • They have knowledge of languages. Today language knowledge matters. A lady has to be fluent at least in English. VIP ladies are often able to express themselves in several languages.
  • They are feminine. Western men wish to marry Eastern ladies because they are very feminine. They like to feel tender and weak. Men prefer such types of females to those who wish to seem strong.
  • They have an excellent biography. It is one more important characteristics of Russian women. They were not married and divorced. They do not have children. These parameters are very important for Western gentlemen. They want to marry a lady with a perfect past.
  • They are wise. Wisdom is an important quality to build a successful family. A wise wife is a treasure. Western males understand it. They can pay any money to get such a wife.
  • They like children. It is always possible to check how much a female likes children. VIP Russian brides should adore them. They must express a wish to brought up children.
  • They want to sacrifice their career to raise kids. It is a quality every man values. Males do not like when a lady works. They prefer to earn money by themselves. A lady should take care of a house and children.
  • Russian ladies are determined. VIP brides are very strong personalities. They are able to support a male any time he needs it. It is a very valuable quality for a lady. Western men know it.

These are the main features that characterize top Russian ladies. These characteristics make it logical why males pay the high price for such females. They are really worth paying for. They will never disappoint a man.

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